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Monday, December 8, 2008

Mailed a box to Deceminate!

Things that I hadn't previously photographed got photographed this morning and uploaded here.

This was a crazy, awesome, and tiring experience. I wish I had decided to be in the craft fair earlier so that I could have gotten more done without staying up so late. But I'm glad that I made so many things! Sometimes it was a fairly simple, mechanical process, and sometimes it was very creativity-filled and challenging.

Photographic highlights:


I had wanted to make some earrings that were one continuous piece--no break between ear wire and the rest of the main structure. These were a lot of fun (though the spirals were essentially shaped free-handedly, so it was a little tedious to make lots of them).


Labradorite is hard to photograph well--it's a grayish stone with iridescent fire in a variety of colors (blue, green, and yellow seem to be the most common). This pair of earrings has yellow fire that (I think) matches pretty well with the gold-toned gears.


Meanwhile, the highlights in these beads is a bluer color, matching the silvery gears.


These necklaces were fairly simple to make and turned out fairly interesting-looking.


The hanging purple droplets here make me happy :)


Bracelet made with typewriter hammers! I figured out a clasping mechanism: a magnet! The hammers are the right kind of metal for the magnet to stick to them.



Lots of OM NOM NOM bracelets...


Cute little bubble glass magnets! One issue I ran into with them was that the gears are sometimes magnetizeable, so they will drift around on the magnet while the glue is drying.

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futuregirl said...

Wow! You make some wonderful things! My favorites are the first earrings, the necklaces with the one bead, and the magnets. So cool!